16 Quartz, Taman Melawati


16 Quartz

Closeted by a well established sub-urban center and residential area of Taman Melawati, Selangor, this 8.7 acre development introduces a new concept of urban living. The exclusivity of spacious landed property is re-organised with the concept of a gated condominium development and re-interpreted into an exciting new form. The morphology of the development is that of a condominium development whilst the articulation of the building is that of a landed property.

Hemmed in one side by the majestic quartz hills of Klang Gate dam, the development concept embraces nature to its core by assimilating gardens into the general layout and then inviting the same gardens into the residential units. The garden concept enhances the living environment and improves the quality of life of its residents, allowing them to enjoy the serenity of life. Quartz 16 sits between the city and the forest of Klang Gate hills providing a haven for the residents. It is this relationship and balance between the city and forest, between vibrancy and quietness that is melded into the design concept of Quartz 16.

The Layout

Taking advantage of the higher elevation the composition is staggered to allow excellent view to be enjoyed by the maximum number of units. The staggering composition is preferred to respect the natural slope of the site where the resultant expression is a cascading organic form.


There are two cascades running down the slope forming a T with the Club-house at the junction. The clubhouse takes centre-stage and binds the whole composition together.

Recognising that open spaces are prime spaces and crucial to the well being of a person, they are returned to residents. Thus the roads are relegated below decks where this allows the spaces above ground to be annexed by the gardens. Linear gardens run the breadth of the cascades cleaving the form into two, creating a valley of green that softly tumbles down the cascade. The two sides of the valley are the villas articulated to take advantage of the green as a view and as a venue where its residents may utilise the space for recreation and socialisation.

The Cascading Gardens

In respect to the natural slope, the villas are composed in a staggered configuration in an expression of a cascading organic form that marries urbanity with nature. Taking advantage of the staggering composition, the gardens have rivers flowing downhill in a cascade of cataracts. This emulation of nature adds to the harmonious ambient of the garden.




Linear gardens run the length of the cascades creating a valley of green that softly tumble down the cascades. The villas line each side of the valley overlooking the view. The gardens are akin to an extension of the villas, providing outdoor living rooms for either rest and recreation or socialisation.

The Villas

Where the gardens are like outdoor living rooms, the indoors are like internal gardens. Modern spaces are morphed from modern expression of recesses, cuts, notches into the building volume allowing light and air to penetrate deep into the houses . Large expanse of glass walls fills in the voids providing the transparency that opens the home and allow light and air to enter its recesses. Gardens are brought via these voids continuing the emotion of the external gardens into the homes. Extending the feel of luxury, every home is equipped with a lift.



The Clubhouse

Commanding a central position, the clubhouse is the signature building that welcomes you into the development. Taking on this role the fore area of the clubhouse is prepared in order to showcase the building. The architectural style is modern and form simple in deference to nature and majesty of the hillside. The quartz hills of Klang Gate dominate the skyline, its silhouette rounded by time and weather. In nature, the roughness of stone is tempered by the softness of water. Taking this cue from nature, the clubhouse takes an organic form as if a cave that has been carved then soften and rounded with running water. The water collects into a swimming pool that is articulated as a waterfall flowing over a precipice into the chasm below. The waterfall best showcases the exhilaration of height and the beauty of nature that greets the residents as they return home.





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