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GSD is the abbreviation of Group Studio Design. It was established as a group of several design studios with respective specialisation working together with like minded passion.


GSD embraces new ways of seeing space and architecture by a profound understanding of spatial dynamics. With zealous believe in new structures and technology, it accentuates the understanding into compositions of buildings that diverge from the norm through the merging thought of modernism and environmental consciousness.

GSD understands how to assimilate cultural and traditional concepts to modern ideas, where the connection with our heritage is reinforced. In addition, by reinterpreting the concepts the tradition is kept fresh and relevant with current times  providing a new legacy for the future.

GSD believes that, like a Formula One car, advances in technology should be taken advantage off and experimented with in order to create new architectural form and spaces. This thought has been manifested through experimentation with ever evolving expressions, resulting in fresh architectural aesthetics in every project.

GSD believes that in moving forward architecture must refer back to history, culture and tradition. With Jade Hills and Yen So park, GSD has demonstrated that sensitivity. With the 16 Quartz club house, the organic form of the building is in respect for the natural beauty of the Quartz Hills of Klang Gate.


Established in 1995, GSD offers a comprehensive range of professional services in the related disciplines of architecture, interior design and planning. Reflecting its multi-disciplinary nature, GSD’s portfolio is broad based that include hotels, commercial developments, high end residential development, clubhouses and educational facilities. We stress on the quality and professionalism at all times in providing personal service and creating innovative and practical solutions for our clients.


GSD is led by Ar Leong Yew Kooi who is assisted by Mr Abdul Salam who leads the Design Team, Mr Ahmad Shahnaz who leads the Project and Design Development team and Mr Mohd Hazral who leads the Contract Management team.

Our greatest resource is the imagination and integrity of our staff and our commitment to uncompromising excellence in all endeavors. Due to the organization structure, the principal is able to personally maintain direct “hands on” control of all projects from the beginning to the end. Through the utilization of advance CAD, visualization technologies and computer systems, the group offers the latest technological advances to improve service, efficiency and quality of documentation.

3D visualisation is used to resolve design and construction issues. GSD is a BIM system adaptor.


GSD has won several awards beginning with the 2006 PAM Awards for building and planning at Lake Edge, Puchong that integrate landscaping into the building design and the layout for a holistic design solution. The building also introduces planes, extruded boxes and voids into the architectural language of low rise residential buildings.

The 2011 PAM Awards for the Jade Hills Resort Clubhouse introduced the idea of the clubhouse as an entrance statement and a branding vehicle for the developers. The Jade Hills was also an experimentation in the interpretation of traditional culture and architecture into a modern expression.

The Yen So park in Ha Noi  (2010) was also done with the same philosophy merging the culture and tradition of Vietnam with modernist expressions that was hoped to bring Vietnam into the future.

The 2013 PAM Awards for the Cocoon 17 exposes the idea of merging landscaping with architecture to create a living architecture that is ecologically friendly.

The 2014 International Property Awards for 16 Quartz Residential enclave in Taman Melawati brings together modern architecture and nature inspired ideas for a green holistic living environment.



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