16 Quartz Clubhouse

Inception : 2010
Status  :  Completed 2016


Where the development sits, the quartz hills of Klang Gate dominate the skyline, its silhouette rounded by time and weather. In nature, the roughness of stone is tempered by the softness of water. Taking this cue from nature, the clubhouse takes an organic form as if a cave that has been carved then soften and rounded with running water. The water collects into a swimming pool that is articulated as a waterfall flowing over a precipice into the chasm below. The waterfall best showcases the exhilaration of height and the beauty of nature that greets the residents as they return home.


Closeup of the waterfall.


View towards Kuala Lumpur City from the Gymnasium balcony.


The waterfall as you enter the Residences.


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