Senja Clubhouse

Inception : 2010
Status  :  Completed 2015


The clubhouse is like a two storey jewel, bright and shimmering in the sunlight with the waters of Senja lake refracted from its glass walls. Such transparency provides an intimate relationship between the internal spaces and the outdoors. The toilets and sauna are pushed to below ground that gives the impression of the building metaphorically rising from the ground. this symphony of earth, air and water, the clubhouse private spaces faces the lake and the the building turns itself towards the lake as if reaching out to it.

An open pre-function precedes the internal private spaces of the clubhouse with the sales gallery, meeting and swimming pool at the ground floor. The pre-function not only serves as a buffer, it serves as the circulation node and a public multi-function space where a kitchen is provided to support the multi-function space.

Up to the first floor, the gymnasium sits above the open pre-function dramatically like a bridge affording breathtaking views of the lake. On the same floor the kindergarten and management office share an open lounge area that conveniently provides a spill over and gathering space. Other facilities provided are a games room, a reading room with computer facilities and a meeting room that tapers and sits precariously like a diving board, dramatically directing our towards the lake.


Front view looking towards the drop off.

The lobby space with the guest lounge and function area.

The lobby space looking towards the swimming pool.

The cage on the right facing the pool.

The spiral staircase up to the gymnasium.

The hovering gymnasium corner.

The first floor public space.

The meeting room at first floor juts out above the swimming pool.

View from the proposed lakeside; the gymnasium is on the right and the meeting room on the left juts out from the facilities wing.

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