Jade Hills Resort Clubhouse

Inception : 2006

Status  :  Completed 2009

The Jade Hills Resort Club Received the PAM Awards 2011 (mentioned) under the sports and recreation category.

The Jade Hills Resort Club was conceptualised based on the client’s brief to create a modern Resort Club that emphasises the spirit of Chinese architecture as part and parcel of the overall concept of the housing development.

Architecture is about the spaces that you create and what is unique about the clubhouse is the dynamism of its spaces. The Modern idea of spatial transparency is well articulated and the spaces seem never to stop moving. One space would lead to another, and when one space disappears, another would begin. This spatial movement owes itself to the traditional Chinese garden concept of architecture as part of a garden where it is difficult to discern at what point does the garden ends and the architecture begins.

Part of this dynamism is the result of reinterpreting traditional methods to modern ideals giving new dimension to the architecture. With the clubhouse, the organisational concept of the traditional Chinese courtyard is reinterpreted to organise the modern functions of a clubhouse.  The elaborate traditional timber framed architecture is simplified to express the Modern quest for structural purity and aesthetics. 

Ornamentations and symbolism are used in their original context albeit either simplified or reinterpreted into new forms. The wall screen received gigantic proportions and the arched roof that symbolises the warding of evil is simplified into one sweeping curvilinear roof.

What the Resort Club has managed to do is to coax a modern expression from traditional Chinese architecture creating an architecture that is refreshing and relevant with the time and placement. In the search for our own tropical modern architecture, it is only by experimentation that we are able to find Malaysia’s own interpretation of tropical modern architecture. And in experimenting with the interpretation, our vision must be based upon our heritage.


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