ASPEN Financial Center, Pulau Pinang

Inception : 2015
Current status : Planning Approval


The Aspen (Vittoria) Financial centre on Plot 24, Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang, is an integrated business centre that endeavours to combine the needs of modern business with a modern urbane lifestyle.

The business centre consists of 5 low rise individual office towers and a linear 9 storey office block that are bound together by a green plaza. The business centre is envisioned as a centre for services business, retail and small offices that relate to the knowledge based business of modern trade.

The individual office towers are aimed to provide corporations with an opportunity to have an individualised and distinct corporate statement and identity. Whilst the linear small offices block is aimed for small offices and start-ups. To encourage these business, the small offices business centre is supported by a service centre that provides shared meeting rooms, board rooms, lounges and reception.

The core of the centre is its concept of integrating the modern urbane lifestyle F&B, entertaining, retail, leisure and recreation into the fabric of business. Lifestyle F&B and Retail dominates the ground floor area that overlooks the garden plaza. A recreational area sits at the roof top for a commanding view of the surrounding that also provides an exhilarating experience. The recreational area consists of a swimming pool, lounge area and a gymnasium with yoga rooms. Lifestyle and business mutually complement each other whereby creating a business community that is self-sustaining both economically and spiritually.

160122_batu kawan_option04

Individual low rise office towers.


The Office Block.


The office block with the Gymnasium perched at the corner.



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