Bank Rakyat Towers, Kuala Lumpur

Inception : 2004
Status  :  Completed 2014

06 Bank Rakyat Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

Bank Rakyat began its life as a cooperative bank that has a strong social responsibility. From this responsibility the bank has grown and evolved into the nation’s biggest Islamic Co-operative Bank and the second largest Islamic bank. There are two elements that characterises Bank Rakyat; the union between bank and the people, and the dynamism of the bank’s pursuits.

The form of the Menara Berkembar Bank Rakyat is created from these elements that express the two main virtues that would summarise Bank Rakyat’s corporate image; union and dynamism. The floor plate is derived from the corporate logo that is composed off three elements that symbolises union or coming together of the ‘rakyat’. This floor plate is then extruded vertically expressing dynamism as it reaches towards the sky that symbolises expansion and growth. Instead of having one tower, two towers are extruded that symbolises the strong connection between the people and the bank

Both elements sum up the corporate image of Bank Rakyat as an established corporation that continues to grow and expand in its endeavour to serve the people.

Bank Rakyat Twin Tower Close up


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