KIP MALL, Kulim High Tech City, Kulim

Inception : 2015
Status : Tender


Kip Mall Kulim retains the communal concept that has made KIP Malls in other states a success. KIP Mall Kulim goes one step further by providing the retail conveniences in a lifestyle environment that fills a niche in the community. The KIP Mall complex consists of a community market, retail shopping, hotel and serviced apartments.

The Kip Mall is articulated along a covered pedestrian walkway, roofed by an undulating wing like roof that are layered like sheaves of leaves. The roof turns the pedestrian walkway into an open air mall. It is like taking a walk in the park with the wind in your face that wafts through between the roof sheaves.  The dappled sun light that filters through the roof create interesting patterns on the floor with the sky peeking through. The freedom of open spaces is celebrated along the mall where the space undulates and a roof that seems to fly like a bird. The whole drama creates an enjoyable liberating shopping and leisure experience.

KIP Kulim_V2_Final_150421

Entrance to the street mall.

Kulim_Hitech_Interior_150702_psd copy

Street mall interior.



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