KL MET Tower, Kuala Lumpur

Inception : 2015
Status : Tender

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The MET constitutes an integral part of the KL Metropolis, a self-sustaining urban district within the Metropolitan City of Kuala Lumpur. The District is envisioned to be Kuala Lumpur’s “International Trade and Exhibition District” with a world class business facility. A place where the world meets is also a place where people want to be; with large open spaces that permeate the Metropolis that in turn provides a conducive and healthy environment for business, retail, entertainment and living.

Modern business are intrinsically skill and knowledge based that allow the organisation to be flexible and growth to be organic; with work spaces and work specialisation overlapping each other. Thus, The Met provides relatively smaller and flexible office spaces that allow the spaces to change and grow with your business. The concept of flexible office spaces preclude least used spaces that are best shared. These spaces are provided in a garden environment at the podium deck level as support services for your business. The MET has a business centre with a boardroom and meeting rooms, an auditorium and a function room.

The MET has a garden deck area to connect with nature for relaxation and stress alleviation. It also has a gymnasium on the same floor that goes towards promoting a healthy living lifestyle. At the ground floor and the lobby floor are cafes with terraces for a little bit of al-fresco, where one may take a refreshing break.

The urbane world is expressed by the use of clean bold lines and simple yet strong tectonic shapes that exude a sense of sophistication and confidence of the urban man.



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