The Dorsett Suites, Kuala Lumpur

Inception : 2010

Status  :  Construction

64 Dorsett Imbi-002

Kuala Lumpur is the melting pot of local cultures and international influences that has brought forth a modern and dynamic urban society. The Dorsett Suites is situated within the city with close proximity to light rail transit line, food, shopping and entertainment outlets. An unparalleled place to experience the urban microcosm of Malaysia.

The architecture of the building is an expression of that microcosm.

The Dorsett Suites is a dynamic, tall,  lithe and graceful building that is dressed in modern architectural expression. The clean glass facade presents a dignified and calm countenance that exudes a mystical aura of sophistication. The horizontal lines of the balcony as if extruded from the glass facade imply movement that reflects energy and dynamism.


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