The Papilon, Jalan Stonor, Kuala Lumpur

Inception : 2012
Status  :  Construction


We have an innate affinity for nature and we fashion our urbanity to reconnect with that intuition. From below, the petal like perforations that covers the car park podium reminds us of the rough base of a tree. As we climb higher, the visual language utilises soft rounded balconies that are arranged in a harmonic order much like leaves of a tree climber as it winds its way up the tree. This distinctive form and pattern that shapes the façade is created by varying the shape, size and orientation of the balconies.

From this metaphoric expression of the balconies as leaves, the balconies are seen as terraces where gardens may flourish that imbue life to the building. These gardens allow nature to be close to us and satisfy our yearning for nature.

The balconies also abet a strong connection between the residents and the city by providing a platform where the city may be enjoyed and experienced. The balconies are like open palms that reaches out to the city. Thus the building, people and the city connect to form a strong identity that brings forth a building of stature.


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