Tropicana Avenue

Inception : 2008

Status  :  Completed 2015

Retail podium with the serviced apartments and office tower in the background.

Tropicana Avenue is a lifestyle complex that is a synergy of residential and commercial spaces that are complemented with spaces of leisure. The complex consists of 117,000 sqft of retail space at the podium, 200,000 sqft of office tower and 453 units of apartments.


Tropicana Avenue is served from Persiaran Tropicana which is a busy road that connects Kota Damansara to the north, Ara Damansara to the south west and Bandar Utama to the south east. In between, it serves the upper end Tropicana Indah and Tropicana Golf and Country Resort Residential. Tropicana Avenue therefore is well positioned to tap into the middle and upper population base.

Kuala Lumpur is a car centric city where the street frontage is premium. Shops and Buildings huddle themselves close to the street, vying to be seen, but most of them appear to be lost within the eclecticsm of their own making. Tropicana Avenue has the advantage of having enough breadth to stretch the building along Persiaran Tropicana, giving ample time for drivers to be aware of the building and appreciate the architecture. Tropicana Avenue returns to the classical building siting of setting the building away from the street with a generous foreground. The siting heightens the sense of awareness as a bigger picture of the building can be seen as it sits in the background.

The grounds in front of the building are turned into al-fresco gardens with modern glass covered retail stands dotting the landscape. By doing this, the building yields the garden space to the public, effectively turning it into a public plaza; a gathering place. And this gathering place where one may envision filled with a multitude of people is ringed by the retail podium; serving the people that gathers there.

At the north end of the podium, the retail is continued up onto the podium roof. The rooftop retail is designed as an outdoor mall with a garden facing the street. The rooftop al-fresco experience is quite unique as it offers the experience of height and view.

At both ends of the podium are two towers. The north tower is the office building and the south tower is the residential apartments. Keeping in mind that we are approaching the building from the street for we are car centric people, the distance between the two towers allows the two towers to be seen and recognised individually. Not only does it help in ensuring the proper vehicle approach to the building, but it gives a sense of individuality and identity to each of the towers. The distance also allows separate vehicle circulation between the commercial and residential; each with its respective drop off to the building and entrance to the car park.

The commercial and retail are garden centric developments, and likewise, the residential tower has a generous open space on the podium top that is articulated as a park. It has the proper facilities of a residential park with gardens, play area, basketball court, tennis court, swimming pool with a wading pool, a gymnasium and function room that are connected by a covered walkway. The articulation of the facilities with the gardens are designed to leave the emotion of being in a park rather than just being appended to a park.

Entrance to the retail.

The street facing al-fresco in a garden.

2nd floor al-fresco garden.

1st floor retail walkway wide enough for al-fresco overlooking the garden on the ground.


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