Orang Asli Community Hall

Inception : 2014

Status  :  Proposal

Orang Asli V2

The Life of an Orang Asli is intricately connected with their world and they range freely within that world. The forest is their home and they live unencumbered by walls, unrestrained by enclosures.

The community hall celebrates this lifestyle with a shed like structure that is devoid of walls. The openness of the hall allows the forest to flow through the building where the Orang Asli and their activities flow along with it. A space is created by having a roof over it and the informality of the created space allows the flexibility of use and the fluid nature of the activities. The form of the hall harkens to the simple Orang Asli hunting huts that creates a strong connection between the building and the life on an Orang Asli.

Orang Asli V1


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