Pearl Mosque of Oman

Inception : 2012

Status  :  Design Proposal


We seek to be nearer to God (Rabb) and in remembrance of Him (Dzikr) we look at His signs that is all around us, encompassing us, part of us. The open sea has always evoked a sense of tranquility in the hearts of man. And to this sea we return so that we may find peace and remembrance.

The sea cleanses, and from it God provides wondrous things. The pearl, white and pure emerges from the shell of an oyster. The prophet Yunus (as) spent his penance in Remembrance of Him within the bowels of the fish (Nun). And from it he emerged as a man renewed.

Into the sea we immerse ourselves that we become part of nature and that His signs are clear, evident. It cleanses our soul and we emerge like the pearl, white and pure.

The mosque is thus shaped as one from the sea. At mid-day it submerges to seek tranquility, and at dusk it emerges to share the peace and purity.





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