Yen So Park, Hanoi

Inception : 2009

Status   :  First Phase Completed 2011

Yen So Park is a 800 acre urban rejuvenation and rehabilitation programme in Hanoi that consists of several concept parks, the Traditional Park, Culture Garden, Celebration Square and Future Vietnam that are brought together by a common lakeside park. Each concept park elaborates a certain aspect of Vietnamese identity in art, architecture, history, food and culture which are then articulated in modernists terms.

The buildings consists of a theater, a music pavilion, a cultural gallery, crafts pavilions, a viewing pavilion, a boathouse, a tea-house, F&B kiosks, restrooms and a sales gallery. Planned are the Celebration Square, a sports and adventure park, a botanical garden and arboretum, and a woodlands.Pieces of History resonates throughout the park and it is easily identifiable with the psyche of Hanoi. With such affinity, the Park shall become a Destination point for both locals and foreign tourists that is a vital component in the social and physical rejuvenation of Hanoi and its people.


Cultural Gallery


Cultural gallery


Music Pavilion


Sales Gallery 

Sales Gallery



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Heritage Village


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Heritage Village


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