PAM Centre 2012

Year : 2012
Status  :  2nd Prize



 The design concern is to return to our roots. The roots of PAM as an organisation, the roots of our varied culture as a design narrative, the roots of nature as creation of God and the roots of architecture as a design philosophy.

 PAM is an organisation of varied individuals, where the design narrative has returned to our common traditional cultural heritage of weaving to express both the diversity and unity of PAM that also reflects the diversity and unity of our country.

 We are part of nature, and we have explored the idea of greening back the earth so that we may reaffirm our connection and affinity with nature. We have explored the idea of creating indoor gardens that traverse the building from the ground to the roof. The internal spaces connect with the ‘indoor’ gardens spaces effectively turning the spaces into ‘indoor’ terraces that not only marries itself with the gardens but blurring the definition between outdoor and indoor spaces.

 As an extension of the greening the earth concept, we have embraced the idea of GBI. We have pushed for natural ventilation and lighting, where possible we have proposed to use recycled materials and we have also proposed to use re-usable energy. The beauty of the greening the earth concept is that the cultural narrative of the weave and screens complement each other. It is through the articulation of the weave and screens that the greening the earth concept is achieved.

 The two concepts of greening the earth and cultural narrative concurs with the idea of free flow spaces (spatial transparency) that are highlighted by light. This return to the roots of architecture has the spaces flowing from one space to the other and from the internal spaces to the outdoors. Subdued light, filtered and animated by the trees and screens enlivens the internal spaces.

 Thus our roots in culture, nature and architecture converge.


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