PKNS Apartments, Kota Damansara

Inception : 2013
Status : Competition


The idea of Sustainable Community through sustainable architecture is not a technical concept or a GBI rating. Sustainable architecture is an awareness that leads to a style of living where we try to reduce our impact on the environment and to be close with nature. It is a way of life. We hark back to the life of living in a kampung. Not because of nostalgia, but it is the complete sustainable lifestyle where the architecture has responded not only to the environment and building materials but also to the culture of its people.

The only constant is change. The challenge today is not how to recreate or resurrect the kampung lifestyle but how to adapt that lifestyle into modern times and into the current urban context.

The proposal aims to attain a sustainable community by adapting traditional social values to the urban context of high-rise living. Much like the sustainable communities of our traditional culture, the Design Concept touches upon achieving social harmony through the creation of spaces that encourages family bonding and social interaction. These spaces are arranged vertically in a hierarchy from the balcony garden, to the neighbourhood sky gardens and to the larger community garden on the podium deck.

These gardens in the sky or hanging gardens are also to explore natural cooling and natural ventilation.


PKNS 2013-11-11


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