The Mines Condo, Kuala Lumpur

Inception : 2010

Status  :  Planning Submission

The design idea is to harmonize architecture with the environment and in attaining that goal the design idea is a fusion of Innovation and Aesthetics. Innovative use of vertical garden concept is integrated into the building design both as functional element and elevation treatment aesthetics.
The gardens wrap around the building acting as a passive cooling system that reduces energy requirement. Utilisation of rainwater harvesting reduces the need for potted water. The gardens act as a carbon sink for carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas. In return, it is a green lung returning oxygen to the environment. This cycle reduces the building’s carbon footprint.

The gardens are arranged at different scales to allow residents to appreciate and relate with nature. There are private gardens at every residence for private enjoyment. To encourage interaction amongst the residents there are neighbourhood gardens designed as sky terraces throughout the elevation and a community garden at the pool deck.



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