The Saffron, Kuala Lumpur

Inception : 2002

Status  :  Completed 2009

As elbow room in Kuala Lumpur is scarce, development look inwards for breathing space where this introversion results in the concept of the oasis.

It is around this oasis that the apartment towers are arranged about and becomes both the visual and physical center of attraction. Articulated as a garden with swimming pools, sitting areas, playgrounds and barbeque areas, the oasis becomes the center of community, recreation and social interaction.

The buildings are expressed in modernist terms with basic tectonic forms that are finely detailed by clean straight lines. The height of the building is exaggerated with thick vertical fins that brings the perspective skywards. This exaggeration is soften with horizontal lines suggested by beam lines and white window frames.

To meld together the modernist straight lines of the buildings with the organic form of the greenery, the gardens are planned in classical landscaping of ordered form and symmetry. Thus, the modern, the urban and the green are melded together in this urban oasis.


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