Tropicana Grande, Kuala Lumpur

Inception : 2005

Status  :  Completed 2013

1-Tropicana Grande 48

Awareness towards the environment in which that we live has introduced the idea of sustainability and green living. This idea is a concept of living where one would be in affinity with nature.

In the composition of the building, this affinity is translated as the manner in which the building addresses the golf course. The building faces the golf course to take advantage of the view and also to assimilate its natural ambiance into the building psyche. The building is gently curved in response to the natural lines of the golf course. Following those lines, the four residential towers are arranged in a shallow crescent and the edges of the car park podium are rounded off. The tower balconies are also curved creating an undulating wave form that sweeps in harmony across the four towers.

The towers drop all the way to the ground emphasising its form and height that makes a strong statement of presence. Vertical lines dominate the street elevation that accentuates the height and reduces the apparent width of the towers resulting in a series of towers with appropriate anthropomorphic proportions. The towers transition to a generous double storey lobby at the ground floor that not only declares the entrance to your house, but also provide an intimate recognisable face. The treatment allows each tower to be easily identifiable thus making that personal connection between home owner and home much stronger.

This idea of being in affinity with nature naturally brings forth the concept of green spaces and the continuity of these spaces that begin as you approach the building, as you move through the building and to end where you repose in your abode.

The entrance to the site is indirect through a tree lined boulevard that ends in a cul-de-sac and opens to the vista of the Tropicana golf course. The view is a captivating precursor to entering Tropicana Grande and the visual connection increases the perception of green spaces as you drive down the boulevard.

When you enter Tropicana Grande, the internal street is a pleasant tree lined drive. Again, the perception of green space is enlarged by the visual assimilation of the tree lined drive with the wooded street and the golf course that borders the site. From the drive, the visual flow of green space continues into the resident’s lobby. The solidness of the lobby walls give way to louvered glass that is not only an exciting design feature but provides the visual and spatial transparency as the internal spaces connect with the gardens.


Street view from south of Persiaran Tropicana

2-Tropicana Grande 3

Entrance boulevard.


Internal Driveway

3-Tropicana Grande 37

The curved arrangement of the blocks.

5-Tropicana Grande 57

Visual integration between the golf course and the podium deck garden.

Up above at the pool deck, the crescent of towers create a nook that cradles a forest garden. The affinity between the golf course and building is further strengthened where the green of the golf course is allowed to meld with the building. The nook turns its face towards the golf course as the forest garden spills down the sides of the car park podium to join up with the green of the golf course. The visual composition gives the impression that the crescent of towers is a part of the golf course greenery. The pool deck is landscaped like a small forest with walks and glades where family recreation and social activities may take place in a serene environment. Residents’ amenities like the gymnasium protrude into the forest allowing the residents the experience of working out alongside nature.

The concept of being close with nature is also played out at the resident’s home. The towers are articulated with as many rooms as possible to face the golf course where the ambiance of the golf course and nature are brought into the homes through visual clarity of the floor to ceiling height glass windows. Sliding doors at the balconies turn the rooms into terraces that further enhance the connectivity. Here the outdoors may be enjoyed by being on the balcony, or enjoyed indoors with the sliding doors wide open.

Thus are the residents able to enjoy a style of living that is closer with nature; a landmark in Tropicana, a place that they can proudly call a ‘Home’ .

4-Tropicana Grande 19

Deck garden and pool.

3-Tropicana Grande 17

Apartment lobby.

2-Main Dining + Living v3

Apartment unit with open views towards the golf course.

1-Master Bedroom v4

Master bedroom.



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