Seven Seas Hotel and Residences, Boracay, Philippines

Inception : 2012

Status  :  Construction


The resort boasts 77 underwater rooms so you can literally wake up to clown fishes in anemones, butterfly fish, or maybe sharks and a myriad of other colourful marine life. It comprises of 1,139sq meters of oceanarium and a total of 452 rooms of which 77 rooms are underwater. The development also has an underwater restaurant with a capacity of 250 pax .The building will rise over 22 meters above sea level drop more than four meters under the water. The resort is located  on a unique piece of land whereby part of the site, its lowest portion is naturally below sea level and another portion borders a steep slope, proved appropriate for the development of an underwater resort.

The natural feature is utilized by turning it into a lagoon and filling it with marine life. The lagoon then became the center point of interest and the resort is articulated to respond to the lagoon. The lagoon is essentially a large aquarium with the  guest rooms incorporated as underwater rooms to provide a unique holiday experience of living underwater close with the fishes.


U1_Perspective 1_Cobalt Glory

underwater room.

U1_Perspective 7_Cobalt Glory

underwater room – view towards lagoon / acrylic wall.


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