Damansara Heights Johor, Johor Bahru

Inception : 2014
Current Status  : Planning Approval

Damansara Aliff_V1_160215

An urban community with the combination of mixed-use residences, office towers, commercial, educational and sports & recreation facilities with programs for seniors, adults, & youth.  There would be medical and dental centres, and public spaces including walkways, bike paths, and park areas for the enjoyment of all.

There is a growing synergy in the trend for multi-family housing and multi-generation housing. Catering to this need would be economically viable and provide a stable broad based community from family with children to college going youngsters to senior persons.

This residential base would provide a strong in-house demand for varied services that are immediate and convenient. This would be a change from the ‘Drive to Work’ living concept to live-work-play concept, a change from the traffic congestion and over dependency on cars to a safe walkable environment.

The live-work-play environment  leans towards a  Marketplace concept in retail design.  The Marketplace concept features a variety of styles and amenities, such as ample outdoor dining areas, attractive and vibrant pedestrian environments, and creative softscape and hardscape elements.  We have the opportunity to create retail and mixed-use environments that favour individuality and corporate branding. The result is an exciting new dynamic in the retail  and office experience. At the core, a vibrant energetic hub where activities, entertainment, food/beverages and social interaction are the norm for the residents and visitors.

As proponents of sustainable design, we are excited to encourage  people to embrace walking and biking to shop, to work, and to play. This new dynamism is driving wider distribution of convenient entertainment, shopping and working experiences.

Providing place for people to gather to experience living in a city. The experience of a space and its activities creates memories that would then imbue the place with a Sense of Place and a Genius Loci that would make the city great.

Damansara Aliff_SquareView

The Central Public Park

Damansara Aliff_V2_160215.RGB_color

Damansara Aliff_V3_160218

DropOff_damansara alif_v2.RGB_color

Covered Pedestrian Street

damansara alif_Dropoff.RGB_color.0000

Escalator up to the pedestrian street at podium top level. Bridges connect the pedestrian street between decks.


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