Amelia Neighbourhood

Status  : Completed 2010

Amelia is a gated community in Desa Park City north of Kuala Lumpur. Amelia incoprporates a linear park as the spine of its development that branches out to smaller neighbourhood parks in a sequential experience.

Vehicle movement is pushed to the perimeter and the road ends in cul-de-sacs giving priority to the park and pedestrian connectivity. Each walk begins with a gateway or a shaded sitting node that has been carved out from corner and end lots. The walk connects each neighbourhood to the main community park that binds and exudes the sense of being in one community.

The typical 20’ back lane have been re-used as  the linear park which the living room faces. By the simple act of turning our backs to the clustered space of the car porch, we are able to return the living room to its prime position. With the status-quo restored, other spaces responded. The gardens and the Courtyards are able to address the living room enhancing the quality of the living environment. The typical 10 feet backyard joins with the linear back lane garden creating a larger space for outdoor enjoyment.


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