Aspen Vertu Villa, Batu Kawan, Pulau Pinang

Inception : 2016

Status : Planning Approval


The Aspen Vertu Villas are 133 units of zero lot landed residential in a gated environment.

Vertu Villas are next to the planned central community gardens that enhances the ambiance of the development. Taking advantage of this, the gardens are extended into the development in the form of linear parks. The backlanes are turned into linear gardens that provides a scenic view for the homes to address.

With the concept of the rear linear gardens, the dining room and living room are able to benefit from the view and to be open. Instead of being encumbered by a view of a car full porch, the rooms would open out to a garden at the back that complements the rear linear garden giving the impression of facing a large verdant garden.


The homes are articulated to face the rear linear gardens, according them not only of a view, but an outdoor family space.


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