BRDB Senja Lakeside Residences, Kuala Lumpur

Inception : 2010
Status  :  Phase 1 Completed 2016

Semi Detached units

A typical link or semi-detached provide a common block elevation that does little in providing that personal connection with his home. To provide a more personal connection, the association is suggested by breaking the elevation with landscaped recess, that frames and accentuates the face of each home making it easily identifiable. The sequence of each expressed elevation is varied that further emphasise the individuality of each home. With the same approach, the semi-detached homes are visually split into and treated as two individual bungalows. By breaking the elevation, each unit is able to manifest itself giving the impression of being individual bungalows either arrayed in a charming row or a pair of bungalows that dot the landscape.

Continuing with the concept, the entrance porch is placed at the corner of the house to try and skirt the car porch. And a small notch is cut into the building to provide a garden by the entrance porch that provides a welcoming entrance statement. This articulation of the entrance space allows personal improvement of the entrance area that will further enhance the home-owner’s individuality and his identification with his house, making coming home an invigorating personal experience.

The entrance foyer looks into the garden and lights up the entrance foyer for a cheery entrance. The dining room also faces the front garden that allows light to enter from both front and back. The arrangement also allows for proper cross ventilation across the room that provides for a comfortable interior.

The ground floor is dominated by the living room and dining room with a dry kitchen. The melding of the spaces with the higher ceiling height increases the apparent size of the room. This large space is well lighted by natural light that creates a bright and cheery home. Both Living and Dining room open out to the garden at the back that allow you to enjoy the refreshing garden views giving the impression that you are living in a garden.  This openness connects the rooms with the garden that allow for spill-over activities where you may have breakfast or tea in the garden terrace instead of the dining room.

A modern kitchen is placed along with the dining room in an open planning concept that introduces a chic modern living lifestyle. A second wet kitchen is provided along with a proper laundry area.

The house is cut back at the staircase to bring light into the depths of the house that makes a bright and cheery home. The walls of the staircase open out to the garden allowing views into the garden making ascending the staircase a cheerful experience. From the staircase, the bedrooms branch out for an efficient floor plan. Each bedroom comes with an en-suite bathroom.

There is only one bedroom at the second floor that opens out to a roof balcony. The privacy of the bedroom and roof terrace gives the flexibility of turning it into a private apartment suitable for a young family or a couple from the extended family. This turns the home into a multi generation home.

Conversely, the upper floor space may be utilised as an excellent entertaining area suitable for al-fresco dining or a barbecue.

The living room faces the rear garden.

Addressing the rear garden.

Lighted Staircase with views towards the rear garden..



Semi Detached.


Three storey Superlinked.


Zero Lot Units.


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