BRDB Senja Lakeside Residences, Kuala Lumpur

Inception : 2010
Status  :  Under Construction

1-Zero Lot Modern_v2a

When life recompenses, its name is Blu Water. A reward for life little struggles.

Blu Water is a gated development south of The Mines where Living is a lifestyle within a tastefully choreographed environment of earth, sky and water. This experience is introduced with the clubhouse that sets the precedence of form, light and space. Its sensitive response to the man-made lake at the entrance exemplifies the relationship between building and environment that is then carried to the private realm. This simple intimacy creates a home where the comforts of the two worlds embrace each other.

Modern spaces are morphed from modern expression of recesses, cuts, notches into the building volume. Large expanse of glass walls fills in the voids providing the transparency   that opens the home and allow light and air to enter its recesses. Simple planar elements  frame and accentuate the cuts and notches, at the same time balancing the transparent void with solid stable forms.

With a thought towards sustainable architecture, the house finds itself in a bond with nature.  Side gardens, notched gardens, terrace gardens and rooftop gardens are some of the vocabulary of landscaping concepts that are incorporated into the design intent. Gifted with lush landscaping, the houses react by welcoming the spaces into the homes. The principle of modern architecture of free flowing spaces is utilised to connect the external spaces with the internal spaces. The internal spaces apportion the kinship to every part of the house by interconnected spaces of open planning. Large expanse of glass allows framed views from every vantage point of the home, bringing in the wild and free spiritedness of the outdoors into the calmness of the home. Caressing the green are terraces and roof top gardens that makes the physical connection between the two worlds, coalescing the best of both worlds into one space.





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