Lake Edge Garden Homes, Kuala Lumpur

Inception : 2004

Status  :  Completed 2008

At the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Lake Edge is a gated residential neighbourhood within a 58 acre land that borders a lake. Taking design cues from the lake, the concept incorporates the tropical garden into the planning with linear parks and green strips between housing rows that connect to an esplanade at the edge of the lake. Driving down the boulevard from the guardhouse, different views present themselves from ‘pockets’ of open spaces created by the linear parks and green strips. This progression of parks then terminates at the lake esplanade with the wide open spaces of the lake.

Access roads to the residential units are curvilinear and meander that softens the repetitive Cartesian forms of the housing units and complements the garden concept. The roads are paved at its junctions and bends that then ends in cul-de-sacs that allows the road spine to be safer. To promote the continuity of the neighbourhood and its parks, paved pedestrian walkways and gardens run in front of the residential units and the backlanes throughout the whole development.

The expression of the residential design is modern but the gist is tropical. The exterior is crisp, clean cut and stream lined where the mass of each unit is broken down by means of extended wall planes, different wall thickness, different wall columns and deep overhangs.

The lakeside promenade.

The linear park ‘canal’.

The linear park.

The units that abut the linear park takes advantage of the park as they turn towards the park.

The park continues throughout the development from what was formerly the side lanes and back lanes.


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