Laman Granview South

Status  :  Completed 2014

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Sherwood embraces a modern architectural expression that projects a modern living lifestyle. The very nature of the development, seamlessly integrating cutting edge design, and nature and service delivery creates a harmony between the houses and their surroundings. This harmony is modulated and courageously expressed making a bold modernist design statement.

Home ownership often reflects an individual’s or a family’s identity, personality and aspirations. ln Sherwood, elements of the design such as the private entrance foyer, can be personalised with your own fingerprint making your Sherwood home, truly your own. A home’s entrance is the first thing that greets and welcomes you home and sends you off on your day, and as such would benefit tremendously from a personal

Sherwood is designed with the  view that a high quality, luxurious home is a home for generations. lt recognizes that families are unique and have specific lifecycle needs at different stages. The secluded private guest room apartment with its own terrace and private garden at the lower ground level can be configured for elderly grandparents or for young newlyweds living with the extended family. The inclusion of a residential lift ensures easy accessibility throughout the home even as you age, negating the need to move to a ground level room as you grow older and unable to negotiate the staircase.

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