LYP House

Status  :  Completed

The main idea of the house is to open up the 2-storey house as much as possible to minimise the effect of an encroaching tight site. The house should take the advantage of its hill location to direct in breezes for cross ventilation as well as making use of the view.

Sliding doors are used at the living and family room so that the spaces can be fully opened up and make the spaces appear larger. The dining room overlooks the swimming pool. Decks and double volume voids would enrich the spatial experience despite the limited space.

Upstairs, instead of conventional windows, sliding doors open up bedrooms so that they are converted to large ‘balconies’ secured by waist-height guardrails. The rooms become semi-open spaces, allowing cross ventilation and reducing mechanical dependency, which means lower energy costs. Steel grilles mounted on the outside, besides offering security, double as sun shading. Views towards Kuala Lumpur are framed by these full-height sliding door.

The shortcomings of a limited space is compensated with a large usable space at the rooftop level, accessible via a spiral staircase from the first floor. The flat roof top is a viewing platform shaded by the sculptural roof. A powder room and a wash basin is also included for convenience during rooftop functions.


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