Putrajaya Precint 12 Homes

Inception : 2012

Status  :  Construction

Putrajaya was planned as a garden city with emphasis on Man’s relationship with his creator, his fellow men and his environment. The garden city as a planning concept is extended to the building concept as a garden home. Nature is brought into the homes by cuts and notches in the building form. The garden is carried through from the ground level up the lattice frame and to culminate to a roof-top garden. The living spaces are then articulated to take advantage of the views and the gardens.

The emphasis on Man’s relationship with his world is enlarged to include his relationship with his culture. Thus the building takes its design cues from the ‘tepak sireh’, an element of tradition that welcomes and honours the guest to ones home. In the same manner it honours its home-owner.

Continuing with the ‘tepak sireh’ metaphor, the roof then takes the form of a ‘daun sireh‘, an organic shape that metaphorically links it with the larger garden city concept and complements the garden home concept. ‘Sireh pulang ke gagang’ is a Malay saying denoting ones return to ones own roots. When one has established ones roots at Precinct 12, he has returned home.


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