Summerglades @ Cyberjaya

Inception : 2009
Status :  Completed 2013


Summerglades rear facing units addressing the Neighbourhood Garden

Summerglades is a gated community in Cyberjaya consisting of 137 units of terraced houses that introduces a new typology of terraced housing, the bungalow terrace houses and the semi-detached terrace houses. The elevation of a block of 3 units is treated as a single bungalow and a block of 4 units is treated as a semidetached unit. The short blocks allow the planning layout to be flexible, allowing the introduction of the commune garden concept where each cluster of blocks would have its own garden. This typology negates the typical barracks terraced housing typology.

These gardens are connected to each other by a series of walkways that encourages the residents to walk and use the gardens for recreational and social activities ultimately tying the whole community together.

The diversity of architectural expressions made possible by the short blocks enhances the individuality and personal association between the home-owner and his home that is sorely lacking in a typical terraced housing. 

4-Landscape layout plan hand drawn 110310

Each group of terraced units are clustered around its own garden creating a series of small intimate neighbourhoods. These gardens are connected by a series of walkways that bind the community together.


The Living rooms and master bedroom faces the gardens to appreciate the intimacy and privacy of their neighbourhood gardens.

3-08. Type B-edited

A four unit terrace block treated as a semi-detached unit. 4-06. Type A-edited2

A three unit terrace block treated as a single detached unit.2-05-edited



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