Z Villas, Yangon

Inception : 2014
Status  :  Tender

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The villas are three storey residences with subtle references to Myanmar’s culture and tradition. Like most traditional Myanmar house, the villas are approached in the middle through an entrance foyer. The Living, Dining, Kitchen and Guests rooms are spread out on the ground floor. There is a separate wing for the helper’s accommodation and other services that maintains the privacy of the villa’s owner. The second floor houses the master bedroom and four bedrooms. In traditional Myanmar homes the shrine usually takes the place of prominence whereby with the Z Villas, the top most floor houses the shrine room that spills out to a roof garden.

Yangoon_Guard House

Z Villas gateway.


Villa Thasin



Imposing and impressive, the three storey residence offers the luxury of space and privacy with separate wings for the family and staff quarters. Tranquillity permeates the home and a soothing water feature by the main entrance offers the perfect welcome.

The villa retains the hipped roof of colonial houses. Elements of colonial architecture are expressed in a modern manner where the columns are reinterpreted as slender tubes supporting the edge of the roofs. The horizontal slats of colonial shutter windows are reinterpreted as panels of horizontal louvred screens.


Villa Sabai



The Villa is approached in the middle and the shrine room receives the appropriate privilege and spatial prominence. Thus are the spaces thoughtfully arranged in respect and deference to tradition and culture.

The local climate and tradition influence the modern expression of large overhangs from the gable roofs. And the modern horizontal louvered screen refers to the traditional permeable wall of vernacular houses.


Villa Hninsi



The villa invites light into the house animating the spaces and creating bright cheery living spaces. In addition each space is strategically placed to take advantage of the views.

Planes define the spaces and the resultant deep overhangs create an interesting play of shadows that brings out the character of the building.


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