Ru Yi and Lyn, Restaurant and Super Club

Inception : 2014

Completed : 2015



RUYI & LYN is a multi-space venue with a cigar lounge, a bar, a terrace lounge and a dining hall that also functions as an event space.

Holding everything together is the design concept that celebrates the old in a modern and chic manner. This is generally achieved by having a mixture of down to earth retro furniture that are set off against dynamic lighting and active entertainment. The bar station and other features are highlighted by the use of LED lights that change colours for a dynamic atmosphere. Point and globe lights that move up and down dot the darkened ceiling for a surreal starry night effect for an al-fresco ambiance. The lights change colours to express the emotion of the moment or of the event.

Entrance to the dining hall is through a tunnel that exits as a catwalk runway into the heart of the dining hall. With lights and attention focused onto the runaway the diner’s entrance is celebrated that provides an enthralling entrance experience.

The dining hall celebrates the cabaret and musical clubs of yesteryear. The stage is still there however the performance have been replaced by a giant screen in a homage to modern functional flexibility and avant-garde chic. To one side of the stage there is a hip diamond shaped DJ console that sets the mood with pulsating lights. This configuration allows the hall to be used for events and special functions that adds another dimension to the dining experience.

The fusion of old and new also translates into the food.  A favourite entrée is the nasi lemak sushi, where the full taste of nasi lemak is maintained in the miniaturised version.




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